1.    AVIP DESIGN  professionals  provided  solutions

        for  visitors  “National Home Show 2010” in Toronto.




        April / May 2010, P.59


2.     Our Design Consultants  give you some tips  

         “ How to avoid common mistakes

        in kitchen design and cabinet construction”.











 “My new beautiful kitchen from another company became not so beautiful when I put my kitchen stuff. My cabinet’s sides are not very straight anymore. The same situation with shelves. Why it happened? “ 




 “It could happen if the thickness of your cabinet’s sides and shelves is 5/8-inch. Most high-end kitchen companies use for sides and shelves 3/4-inch melamine or plywood gables. Some companies use 5/8-inch material because it is cheaper. It is very difficult to realise the difference visually before you loaded cabinets. But after that sides and shelves may become a little bit bended. Usually it is not very dangerous and some people OK with it.

We use only ¾-inch gables and our customers never have this problem!”








 “Does Granite stain?”





“Granite is treated with a special sealer before leaving the factory and again before installation in your home to help resist staining. Be careful of acidic products like red wine. Oil based products may also cause staining. Wipe these types of spills up straight away and wash with warm water and a mild phosphate-free cleaner with a lint-free cloth or sponge.”








“What kind of high gloss finish can I have for my new kitchen?”


“They are: melamine, vinyl or PVC, acrylic, gloss lacquer. Not all high gloss kitchens are equal. The quality and price increases as you are moving from melamine to lacquer.”




What’s VOC-free kitchen?”


VOCs  ( Volatile Organic Compounds) are carbon-based chemicals easily evaporated at room temperature. You can read about Health Effects  of VOC-emission (Cancer, asthma, allergies, fatigue  etc.)  in many Government publications.

 We offer you zero VOCs kitchens and other cabinetry (not just using low VOC topcoat like our competitors). It’s absolutely new technology: environmentally friendly and healthier for you.” 





What are Quartz Countertops?



Quartz countertops ( HanStone, Caesarstone, Silestone, Zodiaq ) are 93% Natural Quartz,

one of nature’s hardest minerals. The quartz is combined with high-quality polymer resins and pigments and then compacted under intense vacuum, vibration and, pressure to form dense, non-porous slabs. The slabs are cured, then gauged to precise thickness, and polished to a lustrous shine.



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